Will Smith makes a surprise appearance at Coachella during J Balvin’s set

Reggaeton sensation J Balvin surprised the Coachella crowd by bringing out Will Smith on April 14. Smith joined Balvin for a rendition of his 1997 hit “Men In Black,” fitting the extraterrestrial theme of Balvin’s set. Smith, dressed in his Men in Black attire, emerged on stage to rap the track alongside dancers in alien costumes. The performance ended with Balvin being dragged off-stage by dancers as Smith humorously used a “Neuralyzer” from the film. Fans reacted with shock and excitement online. This rare public appearance for Smith follows his Best Actor win at the 2022 Oscars and precedes his return to the big screen in Bad Boys 4. Despite controversy surrounding Smith’s actions at the Oscars, the film’s release remained unaffected. Additionally, the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation announced its closure due to declining donations, and Smith issued an apology to Chris Rock, which went unanswered.

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