Traveller discovers diamond ring bought in Mexico for $4,000 is a fake worth $50

An Ontario woman, referred to as May, and her boyfriend bought a diamond ring in Cancun, Mexico, believing it was worth $4,176, only to discover it was valued at $50 upon returning to Canada. Despite initially receiving a refund through their RBC VISA card, the merchant disputed it, leaving them financially liable. May expressed frustration over the lack of protection for international jewelry purchases and emphasized the importance of using credit cards for such transactions.

This is a cautionary tale highlighting the risks of purchasing expensive jewellery abroad. It’s unfortunate that May and her fiancé encountered such a deceptive situation, thinking they were buying a valuable diamond ring only to find out it was worth significantly less. It’s good that they were eventually able to get a refund through the credit card chargeback process, although it took longer than expected.

For anyone making significant purchases overseas, especially jewellery, it’s crucial to research reputable stores and consider using credit cards for added protection. Shopping from members of associations like the Canadian Jewellers Association can also provide additional safeguards against scams or disputes.

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