Shakira Will Not Be Performing at the FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

BARRIO – Shakira withdraws her name from the list of performers at the grand opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.

The Colombian has changed her mind about her appearance at the upcoming ceremony due to personal reasons. She has decided to step back from the world’s biggest tournament.

Shakira’s entourage has also confirmed the cancellation.

We should add, that Twitter started criticizing Shakira for supporting an event that has had so many problems. One of them is that 300 workers lost their lives during the construction of some of the venues for the World Cup, and the company who was in charge has made no comment thus far.

Qatar has also stated that all visitors must respect the rules of the country. Qatar is an Islamic country that forces women to wear clothes that cover their entire body. In addition, homosexuality is not allowed and is against the law…. and, you can’t drink in public.

Shakira has previously set the stage on fire at the opening ceremony of the iconic event three times in 2006, 2010, and 2014.

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