Ryan Garcia mentions he’s alive, but lost access to his phone and credit cards???

Ryan Garcia has assured his family and fans that he’s alive and “okay” despite facing a troubling situation. In a video obtained by TMZ Sports, the boxing star revealed he’s been stripped of access to his phone, Instagram account, and finances, feeling exploited and unsure of what’s happening. He expressed gratitude for the concern from loved ones and fans, denying rumors of his death and asserting his belief in Jesus. Ryan mentioned an unidentified party trying to put him in jail and expressed frustration at the lack of response when seeking help. His statement follows worries sparked by his recent unusual social media activity, including a video hinting at something bad happening to him. His father and coach, Henry, clarified that it was all a form of trolling gone wrong.

Garcia’s been living on Instagram lately … posting many bizarre posts, it’s led to many followers wondering if he’s going through something behind the scenes. In fact, King Ryan shared a video that featured the caption, “We got him boys. RYAN GARCIA RIP BITCH”.

Some folks also wondered if Garcia had been hacked … but the video is still live on his page, so it didn’t seem likely.

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