Meet Luis of Wavey Ceviches in Mississauga

BARRIO – Last night a bunch of us went to Wavey Ceviches as we typically do every now and then to support latin owned restaurants. Let me tell you… This Peruvian hotspot is like heaven on earth. WOW!

We had the pleasure of enjoying our meal with the owner Luis. We can’t say enough about him. He came to Toronto from Peru when he was 10 years old, and says that he started cooking for his friends and family at a very young age. He took hospitality courses in school, but never really pursued his passion full-time as he was earning a great living as a logistics manager. At the same time, he would cater Peruvian eats on weekends. 

Like for many, the pandemic was a blessing and a curse for Luis. A blessing because it allowed him to focus on his passion for Peruvian cuisine, and a curse because he was eventually let go of his job. He then ramped up his weekend catering where he was mainly selling ceviche and lomo saltado. It was then when he finally got the itch.

Lomo Saltado

He was initially thinking of purchasing a food truck, but then he quickly decided against it as he was unsure of what he would do with the truck during the winter months. His focus then went to a storefront in Mississauga. Wavey Ceviches was born in March of 2022.

On day one of opening he ran out of food for the weekend at 3:30pm of the first day. It happened again on the following day. Wavey Ceviches was here to stay. Last night we were there for a couple of hours and there was a constant flow up people coming in and out. Having tried most of their food, we can see why.

Having visited Peru a couple of times I was very familiar with the food. His ‘go to’ options are the ceviche and the lomo saltado. They’re sooo good LOL. I tried the ‘Maracuya Sour’. Simply amazing. We can’t say enough of this place, and the ownership.

Luis’ wife Catalina, or Cata for short, assists with marketing and social media, and his parents are super supportive as well. They’re always at the restaurant.

We asked Luis, what was the most stressful part about opening the restaurant. He said construction. Finding the right people to turn his vision into reality. Permits took longer than expected. He took possession of the unit in August of 2021, and didn’t open until March of 2022. Now Wavey Ceviches is a fixture in the neighbourhood.

Trust us, you want to visit this hidden gem. Ask for the Barrio special LOL.

Wavey Ceviche is located at 3700 Eglinton Ave West, Mississauga.

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