Jarritos Canada bringing the heat this summer

BARRIO (Foodgressing) – Jarritos, the colourful vibrant soda, is thrilled to announce exciting summer programming that promises to thrill consumers across Canada.

From unique collaborations to community support initiatives, we’re committed to offering fun, vibrant experiences that celebrate the sabor (flavour) of summer.

There’s a quenching beverage for every taste, whether you’re a classic lime lover, more into tropical Mango, or thirsty for the newest flavour, Watermelon.

If you prefer a cocktail, think beyond the bottle.

They’ve partnered with Cazadores Tequila to offer a margarita promotion: purchase a bottle of Cazadores and receive a free 4-pack of Jarritos Lime in select stores across 5 provinces.

Just add ice and salt for a zingy adult refresher.

Feel like going out instead?

They’re committed to supporting local restaurants across Canada and will be hosting patio takeovers throughout the summer.

Patios will be decked out in the iconic Jarritos colours, and oversized games.

Follow @JarritosCanada to see which patios will be in your city – the perfect backdrop for a #margarita.

Also this spring, they teamed up with Nike to kick off a very exciting Nike SB Dunk Low collaboration.

This exclusive partnership celebrates the connection between two iconic brands and draws its inspiration from Jarritos history featuring nods to the original canvas bags used to gather fruit for our drinks, and citrusy colours.

To celebrate the partnership, Jarritos developed a limited edition “shoe box” promotion which comes with 4 branded bottles, not available for sale.

Lucky Jarritos fans will begin receiving the shoe boxes this month. Crack open a bottle and boldly rep your beverage of choice in your Nikes.

Wear your kicks to something fun! Jarritos will be participating in several festivals across Canada, including Taco Fest in Toronto (June 16-18) and Montreal (Sept 1-3), and the Salsa in Toronto Fest (Jul 8-9).

They’ll also be hosting a party during the F1 weekend in Montreal. Out west, find us at the Khatsahlano Street Party and the Vancouver Craft Beer Week (both July 8), the Cup Festival (July 22), Punchbowl (July 29) and the iconic Vancourver Mural Festival (Aug 12-13).

As demand for Jarritos continues to grow, the brand is expanding its distribution in Canada.

Consumers can now find us in all INS Market and Couche Tard stores across the country, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their favorite Mexican soda anytime, anywhere. 

To stay up-to-date on all the latest news and events, visit jarritos.ca and follow @JarritosCanada on Instagram.

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