Is Costa Rica Heading Toward Becoming a Narco State? 

Costa Rica is currently facing a security crisis marked by shootings, executions, and drug-related violence, raising concerns among experts. The situation is compared to Ecuador’s, which has escalated into a serious problem, serving as a warning for Costa Rica. Former Minister of Security Gustavo Mata emphasizes the threat of becoming a narco-state if the current trends persist. He points to the presence of “mini cartels” vying for dominance in both domestic and international markets. The profitability of selling cocaine in the United States and Europe contributes to the issue. Mata highlights the infiltration of organized crime into various sectors, including mayors’ offices, police forces, judges, and the Legislative Assembly, indicating a disturbing trajectory towards becoming a narco-state. Former President Laura Chinchilla shares concerns about parallels between Costa Rica and Ecuador. Security experts urge prompt government action and effective plans to restore peace before the situation worsens.

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