Carliz de la Cruz set to receive $40 Million from her ex Bad Bunny

Carliz de la Cruz has won a legal battle against her former partner, Bad Bunny, in Puerto Rico’s courts. She accused him of using her voice without permission in his songs, claiming copyright infringement. De la Cruz, who is also a lawyer, filed the lawsuit last year demanding $40 million in compensation. She argued that she recorded the phrase “Bad Bunny baby” at his request, which he later used in multiple songs and concerts without her consent.

Despite attempts by Bad Bunny’s legal team to elevate the case to a state level due to copyright concerns, De la Cruz opted to pursue it locally. She asserted that her vocal identity was used without her consent, justifying her claim for damages. The court ruled in her favor, ordering Bad Bunny to pay $40 million to his ex-partner.

Their relationship, which lasted over five years and nearly led to marriage before ending in 2016, has been cited as the inspiration for some of Bad Bunny’s songs. Despite the legal victory, Bad Bunny has not publicly commented on the outcome. Carliz’s determination in pursuing the case highlights her business acumen.

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