Yng Lvcas, singer of the hit song ‘La Bebe’ in Toronto this Saturday!

BARRIO (Billboard) – When Yng Lvcas first created the original version of “La Bebé” in 2021, it was intended as a reggaetón “filler” to a corridos album. Although the now-wildly popular track ultimately didn’t make the cut for his debut release Wup? Mixtape1 that year in September, it served as the outro to its reggaetón-leaning follow-up LPM (or La Perreo Mixtape) three months later.

However, it wasn’t until its remix arrived this March, which boasts the addition of rising Mexican star Peso Pluma, that the track transformed into a massive hit. “We were not contemplating that option, ever, I can be honest,” Yng Lvcas, 23, tells Billboard of the idea to bring in Peso Pluma. The Guadalajara, Mexico native originally considered inviting Milo Mae and Ñengo Flow instead, as well as Puerto Rican reggaetón star Lenny Tavárez at the suggestion of his label, Warner Music México.

But Yng Lvcas and Peso Pluma happened to be in Querétaro, Mexico at the same time, and the latter was specifically drawn to “La Bebé,” despite the former preparing three other cuts for their studio session. Anchored by laid-back vocal melodies and an insatiable, undulating beat, the result sees the two Mexican acts showcase their cool, insouciant flow.

The song quickly resonated with the masses and is a certified hit on the Latin music scene worldwide.

Yng Lvcas’ concert will be at Nuvo in Toronto this coming Saturday July 8. See you all there! Get your tickets here.

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