Orsi left, Papasso right

Uruguay: National Party leader arrested for fabricating assault claims against candidate Orsi

In Uruguay, the scandal surrounding former Canelones mayor and current Presidential pre-candidate Yamandú Orsi has taken a dramatic turn with the arrest of Romina Celeste Papasso, a National Party leader, for fabricating false accusations against Orsi. Additionally, an arrest warrant has been issued for Paula Díaz, the trans woman who initially filed the complaint against Orsi.

Papasso’s admission to fabricating the complaint alleging an assault on a trans sex worker in 2014 led to her arrest, exposing the falsity of the accusations against Orsi. Legal experts suggest Papasso and Díaz could face charges of defamation and crime simulation for their actions.

The revelation of the fabricated allegations has sparked public outrage and criticism within the National Party, leading to Papasso’s expulsion from the party. Both Díaz and Papasso have confessed to the falsity of their claims, prompting swift action from Uruguay’s prosecutor office.

Orsi, who had consistently denied the allegations, expressed relief at the truth coming to light and called for swift justice. He suspects that someone may be behind Papasso’s actions and vows to uncover the truth.

This case highlights the importance of due diligence and integrity in the pursuit of justice. False accusations can have devastating consequences, not only for the accused but also for the credibility of the justice system.

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