Spain’s Melia Hotels to Pay Daddy Yankee Nearly $1 Million for Jewellery Theft

A court in Spain has told the Melia hotel chain to pay Latin music star Daddy Yankee and his wife almost $909,000 for a theft that happened in their hotel room in 2020. Daddy Yankee and his crew stayed at a Melia hotel in Valencia in August 2020 for a music festival. On August 6, someone stole over $1 million worth of jewelry, including two watches, three chains, and four bracelets, from a safe in Daddy Yankee’s room.

The court said the hotel couldn’t escape blame because the thief wouldn’t have been able to steal without help from Melia. They mentioned that Melia’s staff gave out key copies and opened a safe without checking the identity properly.

Melia disagrees with the court’s decision and might appeal.

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