spain sells 6 helicopters to peru for 100 euros each

BARRIO – The maintenance costs of the SH-3D helicopters were more expensive than their sale to Peru for a symbolic price of one hundred euros per helicopter, 600 euros in total.

They are six SH-3D ‘Sea King’ helicopters of the Navy that were decommissioned in June of this year.

The Government assured after the approval of the transfer that the sale did not put the Armed Forces at risk. These helicopters were eventually replaced by a fleet of SH-60F’s, which have an average cost of 20 million euros per aircraft.

The Spanish believe that this transaction will “strengthen the relationship between the Navy and the Peruvian Navy”.

The purchase of the helicopters in question were made 56 years ago, and the costs of moving the aircraft are the responsibility of the buyer.

For that price we would have bought two of them for the crib LOL.

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