Sofia Vergara Pays Tribute to Colombian Roots With Launch of ‘Dios Mío’ Coffee

Sofia Vergara has launched a new coffee brand called “¡DÍOS MIO!” to celebrate her Colombian roots. Available on, the fair trade coffee brand features three roasts: light, medium, and dark, created by female coffee growers. The light roast is smooth and fruity, the medium has nutty and sweet notes, and the dark is bold with cocoa, caramel, and smoke flavors. The coffee comes in 12 oz. ground bags, K-cups, and Nespresso-compatible pods. Partnering with Colombia’s Federación Nacional de Cafeteros ensures high-quality production and supports local farmers. Vergara, a “coffee connoisseur,” aims to honor her heritage and highlight Latina culture and entrepreneurship through this venture. “¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE” is part of Vergara’s wider range of products available at Walmart, which also includes denim, swimwear, apparel, and home decor.

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