Save the Children charity offices raided by Guatemalan authorities

Guatemalan prosecutors conducted a raid on Save the Children’s offices, prompted by a complaint alleging the mistreatment of migrant children. The complaint, filed by an unidentified foreigner, raised serious concerns about child abuse.

This action followed a letter from Guatemala’s Public Ministry to the Texas Attorney General seeking assistance in investigating allegations of child trafficking involving Save the Children and other aid organizations. The raid aimed to find evidence supporting these accusations, though it’s unclear if the Texas Attorney General responded.

The prosecutors involved have faced criticism for allegedly undermining democracy and impeding anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala, resulting in sanctions from over 40 countries. The timing of the raid coincides with a surge in migration to the United States, with Guatemala serving as both a source and transit country.

Save the Children, operating in Guatemala since 1976, refrained from commenting on the raid but stated last week that it takes allegations seriously, maintaining internal mechanisms to investigate misconduct. They deny any evidence supporting the allegations and emphasize their commitment to providing humanitarian aid under strict safety standards.

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