Ryan Garcia returns to social media a few hours after vowing to end bizarre rants

After declaring a hiatus from non-boxing social media posts due to concerns about his mental health, Ryan Garcia returned to social media to engage in a boxing-focused Q&A session. In his posts, Garcia made predictions about boxing matches and expressed determination to focus solely on boxing discussions until his upcoming fight. This change in tone follows a series of concerning social media posts where Garcia made wild claims, including allegations of being raped as a child and accusing Elon Musk of being the antichrist. Fans and boxing insiders have expressed concern about Garcia’s recent behavior, calling for his scheduled bout against Haney to be postponed. Garcia has acknowledged his struggles with mental health in the past and faced his first professional defeat in a match against Gervonta Davis. Despite initially suggesting his phone was hacked, Garcia continued to make troubling allegations on social media, including claims of witnessing human trafficking. He expressed frustration with those who dismiss his claims and vowed to continue speaking out against injustices, even if it means facing criticism.

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