Ryan Garcia beats champ Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia’s readiness for the fight against Devin Haney was questioned due to his erratic behavior leading up to the bout. Despite being seen as a major underdog, Garcia surprised everyone with a stunning victory via majority decision at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Although Garcia couldn’t claim Haney’s WBC junior welterweight title due to weighing over the limit, his victory was significant, marking a career high and defeating ESPN’s No. 6 pound-for-pound boxer.

Garcia’s win was marred by controversy, including a referee deduction and accusations of holding by Haney. Despite these setbacks, Garcia managed to knock down Haney multiple times, showcasing his resilience and skill.

Haney, while disappointed by his performance, acknowledged Garcia’s skill and the surprise of being caught off guard early in the fight. Both fighters had reasons for confidence coming into the bout, with Haney’s recent victories and Garcia’s determination to prove himself on the elite level.

Garcia’s victory was a culmination of his journey, including battles with mental health issues and setbacks in his career. Despite these challenges, Garcia emerged victorious, breaking the tie in his rivalry with Haney that had spanned nearly a decade since their amateur days.

The chaotic lead-up to the fight, including Garcia’s controversial behavior and the scrutiny of his mental health, added layers of complexity to the narrative. Ultimately, Garcia’s triumph demonstrated his resilience and ability to overcome adversity in pursuit of his goals.

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