Ryan Castro Wins Lawsuit Against King Records, Indie Label Ordered to Pay $2 Million

Reggaeton artist Ryan Castro has won a lawsuit against indie label King Records, securing over $2 million and regaining the rights to his music, as reported by Billboard. The Colombian star, known for collaborations with artists like Karol G and J Balvin, accused King Records of breach of contract and withholding royalties in lawsuits filed in Medellín last year. Despite resolving this suit, Castro and King Records still face two more lawsuits.

Castro started with King Records in 2020 and found success with his 2021 viral track “Mujeriego.” However, he complained about the label’s lack of financial transparency. King Records, while agreeing to abide by the arbitration process, plans to seek an amendment to the ruling, claiming it is unfair. The label also emphasized their ongoing contracts with Castro, including exclusive management of his music career and a joint venture through Awoo King Records.

Castro’s manager and lawyer, Leo Arango, announced that Castro is now fully independent regarding his music production and publication, owning all his past, present, and future works. Arango expressed confidence in resolving the remaining contracts with King Records, asserting that the label currently has no influence over Castro’s career.

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