ricky taco – from Promoting at nightclubs in toronto to director at live nation

BARRIO – We caught up with Toronto’s very own Ricky Taco, who’s been appointed as Director, Latin Music Canada at Live Nation. HUGE win for the Latin Culture in Canada. This job could have gone to a Latin American, but the fact that it went to one of our own is super special. Ricky has grinded in this city from TIME.

Like many, Ricky started in the nightclub scene. He would visit nightclubs with his DJ friends and instantly fell in love. He was not a club owner, not a DJ, BUT he knew enough people that he could easily become a promoter.

Ricky realized that there were salsa nights, merengue nights, but no reggaeton nights. At this time, Nina Sky was dropping gems with Daddy Yankee, so reggaeton was HOT.

Ricky’s first party was at Afterlife Nightclub on Adelaide St W, in Toronto. It cost him $4,500 to rent the club. The only condition was that the bar had to make $10k. We know, from personal experience, that it’s not easy for a bar to make $10k TODAY, let alone many years ago. To say that the night was a success, is a huge understatement. 500 people showed up and the bar made $20k. Ricky told us that his expenses that night was only $300 LOL… Geeeez Ricky.

Today, Ricky says that his family and the growth of Latin Music and Latin Culture in general keeps him motivated. He always works hard and puts his best foot forward. He’s had many ups and downs, but has never really felt like stopping.

We had to ask… .We know Ricky knows many mega Latin music stars. Who’s number do you have in your phonebook? Ricky says, “ Farruko and Ozuna”… he also says, “I have many music executives’ numbers too, but those names won’t excite you.”

We also discussed Ricky’s career highlights. He names 3. Wisin y Yandel concert that took him 2 years to organize. Ozuna’s first concerts in Toronto and Montreal; Lastly, being hired by Live Nation. 

We should add that Ricky did not apply for this position, it was created for him. His job will be to grow Live Nation’s footprint across Canada. No easy task, but Ricky is up for the challenge. If anyone can do it, it’s him.

We also asked Ricky what he would say to young promoters who wish to follow in his footsteps. Ricky says, “consistency and hard work”. It’s his mantra for everything in life.

“Treat people proper and it will come back,” Ricky says. He was recently asked to assist with being a road manager for the Bad Bunny concert in Toronto. Ricky said “I got you, just make my DJ open for Bad Bunny in Toronto and in Montreal.” DONE DEAL!

We wish you the best bro!

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