Psychologist becomes first person in Peru to die by euthanasia

Ana Estrada, a Peruvian psychologist who battled an incurable disease that left her bedridden for years, has passed away through euthanasia, marking a historic moment as the first person in Peru to exercise the right to die with medical assistance. Her struggle for this right has sparked conversations and raised awareness about the importance of human dignity and the freedom to make end-of-life decisions.

Despite suffering from polymyositis, a debilitating condition that gradually weakened her muscles, Ana pursued her passion for psychology and even achieved independence by obtaining her own apartment. However, as her health deteriorated, she found herself confined to her bed, struggling to breathe and facing numerous health challenges.

Through her blog and advocacy efforts, Ana shared her experiences and expressed her desire for a death with dignity. With the support of Peru’s Human Rights Ombudsman, she successfully pursued legal avenues to secure the right to euthanasia, ultimately winning a landmark court case that granted her this choice.

Ana’s story resonated beyond Peru, shining a light on the debate surrounding end-of-life care and autonomy. While only a few countries, such as Canada, Belgium, and Spain, have legalized euthanasia, and some U.S. states permit physician-assisted suicide, much of Latin America still prohibits these practices.

Ana’s legacy extends beyond her own journey, as her advocacy has contributed to a broader conversation about individual rights, compassion, and the need for greater respect for human dignity, especially in the face of terminal illness and suffering.

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