President Milei says he wants to sell existing prisons to Real Estate developers to create massive private prisons

President Javier Milei aims to address Argentina’s prison system by selling existing prisons to real estate companies and using the funds to construct larger, more secure “mega-prisons” away from residential areas. These new facilities, accommodating up to 6,000 inmates, would be financed without government expenditure. Milei attributes this plan to Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and views it as a response to rising organized crime and drug trafficking, particularly in Rosario, Santa Fe province. To bolster security efforts, Milei proposes granting the army authority to combat terrorism within Argentina, citing concerns about narcoterrorism. He suggests aligning prison system reforms with security strategies, drawing comparisons to El Salvador’s approach. Milei intends to present a bill to Congress for approval, anticipating societal support for stricter measures against criminals.

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