Peru’s president’s brother has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a corruption network

Dina Boluarte, Peru’s president, faces further turmoil as her brother, Nicanor Boluarte, is arrested for alleged involvement in a corruption network. Prosecutors claim Nicanor used his sister’s authority to release funds in exchange for bribes. Additionally, arrest warrants have been issued for 21 others, including the president’s lawyer, Mateo Castañeda, accused of obstructing the investigation.

The corruption scandal implicates Nicanor Boluarte in appointing officials for financial gain and political maneuvering, allegedly to form a new political party. President Boluarte denies any involvement in the scheme. Both Nicanor Boluarte and Mateo Castañeda were arrested in high-profile police raids, captured on local television.

Despite these developments, President Boluarte expressed trust in Peru’s justice system and emphasized her commitment to democracy. This marks another setback in her scandal-ridden presidency, which began with inquiries into alleged human rights abuses shortly after taking office. The political landscape is further complicated by the imprisonment of former President Pedro Castillo and accusations of excessive force by security forces against protesters.

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