Missing Fishermen Found Alive by Uruguayan Navy

BARRIO – (Merco Press) – Uruguay’s Navy confirmed Tuesday that two fishermen who had gone missing had been finally found alive by artisanal fishing boats in the River Plate after the South American country’s force staged a mass deployment of manpower and resources.

According to an official statement, after an arduous search conducted by the Navy, the missing fishermen were found by several artisanal fishing boats and taken to the ROU 14 “Río Arapey” for a medical checkup by the onboard physician. The fishermen were taken later to the marina of the city of Juan Lacaze to be attended by a mobile emergency unit.

The Navy had been searching for an artisanal fishing boat with two people on board that disappeared near Juan Lacaze in the waters of the Río de la Plata, it was reported.

The Navy’s Sea Search and Rescue Coordination Center received information from the Subprefectura de la Costa that the vessel “La Clarita” with two crew members on board had not arrived back in due time.

Attempts to establish radio communication were unsuccessful, so teams were launched to find the ship, including the ROU14 Río Arapey, plus a National Coast Guard boat from the Colonia Port Prefecture (PRECO), a boat from the Asociación Honoraria de Salvamentos Marítimos y Fluviales (ADES), in addition to a land search. Aircraft 872 of the Naval Aviation Command was also involved in the operation, it was reported.

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