Messi to star in Super Bowl ad with Dan Marino and Jason Sudeikis

Lionel Messi, a global soccer star, is making his Super Bowl debut in a commercial for Michelob Ultra. The ad cleverly combines American football and soccer, featuring Dan Marino and Jason Sudeikis to bridge the gap between the two sports.

The commercial begins with Messi partnering with Michelob, showcasing the “football meets football” connection. Dan Marino, a Miami sports legend, joins Messi, creating a link between American football and soccer. Jason Sudeikis, known for “Ted Lasso,” adds a familiar face in American soccer culture.

The ad humorously navigates the contrast between American and international soccer stars, highlighting how Messi is now widely recognized in the U.S. The commercial smartly lets Messi display his soccer skills on a beach after a funny mishap with a kicked keg.

In essence, the commercial follows the tradition of iconic soccer ads and foreshadows Michelob’s role in the 2024 Copa America. The brilliance of the ad lies in its simplicity, allowing Messi to showcase his talent without getting overly involved in the marketing hype, much like he does on the soccer field.

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