Meet Jennifer Savia: Entrepreneur mom about to revolutionize the beauty industry

BARRIO – Today we had the pleasure of speaking to, and getting to know Jennifer Savia of Vida Hair. Hard work and entrepreneurship is nothing new for Jennifer. She juggles running a successful hair extension business and providing pro bono paralegal services to the Latin community.

Jennifer comes from an Argentinian and Moroccan background. From speaking to her I can honestly say that she’s definitely a people person and wears her heart on her sleeve. Jennifer is super passionate about her Latin heritage and her business.

Jennifer joined forces with her childhood friend, Michelle Toscano, to create their own brand of high end hair extension called Vida Hair. Michelle runs a successful hair salon so it was a perfect match.  Between them, they have over 20 years of hair and beauty experience.

I confess, that before speaking to Jennifer, I knew absolutely nothing about hair extensions. Now I can definitely carry on a decent conversation about the subject LOL. Extensions can last up a year, can cost up to $1500, IS MADE OF REAL HAIR, and many women wear extensions and you wouldn’t even know it. WOW.

Jennifer stresses that hair and beauty is ultra important to women and that that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident, regardless of their natural hair length or texture. The entrepreneur moms embarked on a journey to revolutionize the beauty industry. They developed a new line of nano hair extensions that would not only enhance the natural beauty of  women, but also provide them with limitless possibilities.

Vida Hair Extensions are made using the finest ethically sourced human hair. Every strand is carefully selected and meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with natural hair, providing a flawless and natural look.

For now Vida Hair Extensions is only sold to wholesalers, so if you wear extension and want to support these young Latina entrepreneurs, feel free to message them and they’ll be glad to direct you to the nearest retail outlet.

If you’re a retailer and wish to carry their product, please be in touch with them. You won’t be disappointed.



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