Meet Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depps lawyer

TORONTO (Barrio) – Born in San Francisco to Cuban and Colombian parents, Camille Vasquez is getting her moment in the spotlight after her tough cross-examination of Heard this week in the courtroom. Depp’s diehard fans have even lined up outside the court to get a glimpse of Vasquez or even hug her, reported the New York Post.

Depp is suing his ex-wife for US$50 million on grounds of defamation and, in return, she is counter-suing him for US$100 million for nuisance.

The lawyer has also been racking up millions of views of her cross-examination on the internet and fans have also taken to social media to show their support of Vasquez. Some even criticized paparazzi who have tried to start rumours that Vasquez is dating Depp.

The hashtag #camillevasquez has more than 980 million TikTok impressions. One video of quick objections to Heard’s lead attorney Elaine Bredehoft had almost 30 million views. The two-minute TikTok video of her courtroom interruptions captioned – “where did this woman get her degree?” – coincided with a 1,820% uptick in Google searches for Southwestern Law School, Vasquez’s alma mater

The 37-year-old lawyer is an associate at high-profile law firm Brown Rudnick in Orange County, California. She specializes in litigation and arbitration, as per her law firm’s website, and focuses in particular on plaintiff-side defamation cases.

She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006, got her law degree from the Southwestern Law School, and was also named “One to Watch” by Best Lawyers in America for 2021-2022, reported the New York Post.

Source: The Guardian

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