Karol G at the ‘Barbie’ pink carpet!

BARRIO (Hola) – Lights, camera, and a whole lot of Latin flair! The Barbie movie premiere in Los Angeles was the place to be, transforming into a star-studded soirée that left jaws dropping and cameras flashing. The event was where style met superstar, and among the Latinas who stole the spotlight was Karol G with her enchanting presence and fashion-forward choices.

The Colombian superstar represented her land and Latinos in the film thanks to her fiery anthem, “Watati.” She embodied the movie’s spirit for the pink carpet and took sensuality to new heights. Proudly embracing her heritage, Karol G commanded attention with every step, leaving onlookers utterly captivated with her spellbinding ensemble.

Karol G showcased her curves with a bejeweled skirt that could rival any sparkling treasure. The fabric had intricate swirls, which captured the essence of her bold and vibrant artistry.

And let’s not forget about that sleek hairstyle, the cherry on top of a truly unforgettable red carpet moment. The singer and actress rocked her pink ombre hair down part on the side with an effortless old Hollywood glamour vibe.

Her skin was tan and glowy, and her makeup was sunkissed with pink blush intentionally accentuated. Her lips looked glossy, and her eyebrows intensified to make them bold and abundant.

During an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA, the multifaceted superstar shared why she jumped on the soundtrack of Barbie. “The ‘Barbie’ production reached out a long time ago. I wanted to see the movie first to understand the project because we know the doll as a perfect figure, so I needed to understand the film’s message,” Karol G revealed, after previously emphasizing the importance of showing your true self without filters.

According to the 32 -year-old Medellín native, after watching the movie, she met with the crew to know what they expected from her. “Then we met, and they shared the songs they loved and the rhythm they were looking for,” she told HOLA! USA.

Beyond being a chart-topping superstar, Karol G proved once again that she’s a true trendsetter. Her fashion choices turned heads and set the runway ablaze, solidifying her status as a style icon in the entertainment realm.

The Barbie movie premiere was a red carpet extravaganza that will be discussed for years, reminding us that Karol G is a Latina who reigns supreme in style and stardom.

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