Indigenous communities confront deforestation in Honduras

Avilés Morphy, from the Indigenous Miskito village of Mocorón in northeastern Honduras, documents the devastating deforestation in their territory, caused by illegal settlers and criminal forces. The community, part of the Moskitia forest, faces severe environmental and social threats. Although the Honduran government transferred land titles to Indigenous groups in 2013, it failed to provide the necessary support to manage the land, worsening deforestation.

Morphy and other community members formed a vigilante patrol and a territorial watch committee to confront the issue, but they are torn between taking direct action and waiting for government intervention. Despite hopes tied to President Xiomara Castro’s administration, patience is thinning, and some are prepared to enforce “Indigenous law” if the government remains inactive. Historical precedents and the ongoing threat of violence from colonists and drug traffickers complicate their struggle, highlighting the urgent need for effective governmental action to protect their land and resources.

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