Fuego Fuego does it again with Chencho Corleone and Prince Royce at ‘La Ultima Fiesta’

BARRIO – This journey has taken us many places. Big thank you to our partners at Fuego Fuego. Yesterday the journey took us to Beachclub for ‘La Ultima Fiesta’ with Chencho Corleone and Prince Royce. All we can say is ‘Wow’.

First of all, we should have known that Beachclub is pretty much a beach, so RIP my Nikes LOL

We easily had the best spot in the entire venue. No cap. Hospitality was A+.

Was gonna give it an A- as it took us 1hr to get out of the parking lot, but that’s not their fault. The venue was slammed.

Shout out to the fam D boy, kept the crowd up and on their feet the entire time. Side note: it was a pleasure hanging out with you and your dad during the show.

Yoooo DeejayND, was a beast too. Dimelo familia.

As always, EP did his thing. Mans is everywhere.

Big shout out to the opening local artists too. Montreal is unreal!

Ok lets keep it moving;

Prince Royce is a huge vibe. This man has non-stop hits. Engagement with the crowd is amazing, specifically with the ladies LOL. At one point he brought 5 ladies on the stage to dance with him. It was HOT and comical at the same time. This man was having a lot of fun and it showed. He had a lot of love for the crowd and we appreciated every moment of it.

Where can we start with Chencho? We all know he formed part of Plan B, every ‘big name’ latin artist wants him to drop a verse or collab on a song together… You almost forget how many hits he has LOL. It was banger after banger with this guy. He threw the crowd into a frenzy from the moment he got on stage, to the moment he bounced.

Such a great time. Once again, thank you Fuego Fuego for the hospitality.

Thank you to the people of our ‘online’ community that came to say hi. Hope you all enjoy the free Barrio merch.

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