Ecuador’s youngest mayor Brigitte García shot dead

Ecuador’s youngest mayor, Brigitte García, aged 27, was tragically found shot dead alongside her press officer in a car in San Vicente, where she won the mayoral election last year. The motive remains unclear, and no arrests have been made yet. García’s death adds to a series of political killings in Ecuador, including the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio last year.

García, a nurse, was elected mayor of San Vicente for the Citizens’ Revolution party. The town, situated in Manabí province, faces significant violence linked to drug trafficking. Other politicians in the region, such as Mayor Agustín Intriago of Manta and mayoral candidate Omar Menéndez of Puerto López, have also been killed recently.

The violence isn’t limited to Manabí; even presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was fatally shot leaving a campaign rally in Quito last August. Authorities attribute these killings to criminal gangs, prompting President Daniel Noboa to declare a state of emergency to combat armed groups. Despite efforts, critics argue that García’s murder underscores the ongoing insecurity for elected officials in Ecuador. Former presidential candidate Luisa González expressed concerns, stating that “nobody is safe in Ecuador” on social media.

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