Dominican Republic Sets New Record by topping 7 Million Tourists

BARRIO – No Caribbean destination welcomed more travellers last year than the Dominican Republic… and it wasn’t close. 

The island surpassed seven million visitors in 2022, the first time the country has every achieved that milestone, and a new record for the Caribbean at large.

That included a remarkable showing in December, which turned out to be the single-highest-volume month in the history of Dominican tourism, with 765,910 visitors. 

“Our tourism industry is changing and has been recognized as the most resilient in the world,” Collado said. 

The Dominican Republic didn’t just do well on land — it also set a record at sea.

Cruise arrivals to the country also set a new record, with 1.311 million cruise passengers in 2022, Collado said.

American travelers continued to dominate the country’s tourism arrivals, followed by Canada, Colombia, Argentina and Germany.

Last month, hotel occupancy reached 76 percent, another record for the country. 

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