Dominican Republic increases security along boarder as Haiti gang leader warns of ‘civil war’

The Dominican Republic has tightened security measures on its border with Haiti following warnings from Jimmy Cherizier, a gang member aiming to overthrow Haiti’s government. Cherizier, also known as Barbeque, threatened civil war and genocide if Prime Minister Ariel Henry remained in power, blaming international support for Henry. He claimed an alliance of gangs, Viv Ansanm (Living Together), was targeting strategic locations to oust Henry quickly. Gangs in Port-au-Prince signaled readiness to unite against an international force. Cherizier increased gunmen guarding the capital’s airport. The Dominican Defense Minister assured calm at the border, with commercial flow operating under military surveillance. Meanwhile, reports suggest former coup leader Guy Philippe aims to lead a transition council, backed by armed members of a rogue environmental brigade. The size and funding of this brigade remain uncertain. Haiti faces escalating gang conflict amid political instability.

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