Daddy yankee, julio iglesias, Don Omar among victims of large YouTube royalty heist

BARRIO – Founders of the company Mediamuv have been accused of being responsible for carrying out a million dollar scam that affected singers such as Julio Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Anuel and Prince Royce.

Both of the accused have been reported by Billboard magazine, which got wind of the scam and alerted those involved.

In fact, the scammed artists themselves were not even aware of the theft until the magazine came out with the exclusive.

In a nutshell, they basically were claiming music others uploaded to YouTube as their own and collecting the royalties.

According to music publishing reporter Kristin Robinson, Jose “Chenel” Medina Teran and Webster Batista set up a media company called MediaMuv and claimed to own the rights to various Latin music songs and compositions. In total, MediaMuv claimed to own more than 50,000 copyrights since 2017, when Teran and Batista began their scheme.

The Billboard piece makes mentions how Content ID scammers typically claim a portion of a song, hoping that with so many songwriters, a small percentage of ownership in the music may go by unnoticed. MediaMuv, however, was daring enough to claim copyright over songs in their entirety.


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