Copa America vs Euro 2024

The Copa America and Euro 2024 have kicked off, sparking comparisons between the two competitions. Here are some key points:

Grass Quality and Pitch Conditions

  • European pitches are superior compared to the sub-par conditions in the US, where newly laid natural grass on NFL turf fields has been problematic.
  • Argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez criticized the Mercedes-Benz Stadium pitch after their 2-0 win against Canada, calling it “a disaster.”
  • Injuries like those of Mexico’s Edson Alvarez and Peru’s Luis Advíncula are attributed to the poor pitch conditions.

Weather Conditions

  • The US is experiencing a heat wave, affecting player performance. Uruguay’s Ronald Arajudo complained of heat and dehydration after a game played at 83°F (28°C).
  • In contrast, Brazil’s game in Inglewood, California, will see cooler temperatures at 76°F.

Attendance and Atmosphere

  • Euro 2024 matches in Germany have high attendance and vibrant atmospheres. For instance, the game between Georgia and the Czech Republic had a lively crowd.
  • Copa America’s Venezuela-Ecuador game had many empty seats, though the Argentina-Canada opener sold out with 70,556 attendees, partly due to Lionel Messi’s presence.
  • Geographical proximity and smaller size of Germany compared to the US make travel easier and more affordable for Euro fans.

Quality of Competition

  • Kylian Mbappe and other players suggest that the Euros are harder to win than the World Cup.
  • France advanced in the Euros without scoring a goal, highlighting the competition’s defensive strength.
  • Despite more goals in Copa America, it lacks the same competitive level and fan engagement as the Euros.


While the Copa America and Euro 2024 both offer exciting football, the Euros currently appear to have the edge in terms of pitch quality, fan attendance, and overall competition level. Combining both tournaments could rival the World Cup in prestige and excitement.

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