Content creator exposed for changing her name to Una Guiterrez and pretending to be Latina

The Brooklyn Chipman Latina Makeup Controversy emerged after allegations surfaced that American Brooklyn Chipman changed her name to Una Gutierrez and portrayed herself as a Latina woman through makeup and styling. The controversy began when images of Chipman without makeup were leaked on TikTok in late February 2024. Prior to this, her “Latina makeup” images were widely used as a reference by content creators, sparking debates, jokes, and memes.


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Rumors started circulating on TikTok around February 18, 2024, when a user posted a comparison video showing Chipman with and without makeup, gaining significant attention. Subsequently, another TikTok account accused Chipman of pretending to be Latina, garnering millions of views and likes. Additional images of Chipman without makeup circulated on social media, prompting speculation about her ethnicity.

Chipman’s father, Clint Chipman, joined TikTok to defend his daughter, explaining that she had adopted a “Latino style” for some time and chose the name “Una Gutierrez” because of her grandmother’s influence. Despite the controversy, Chipman’s “Latina makeup” images continued to circulate on TikTok, with users recreating the look and commenting on the situation.

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