Colombian striker collapses and dies while training with his Bolivian club

Guillermo Denis Beltrán, a 24-year-old Colombian striker playing for Real Santa Cruz in the Bolivian top-flight league, tragically collapsed and died during a training session. The club reported that Beltrán suffered respiratory arrest, with teammates recounting that he felt nauseous before collapsing. Despite efforts to revive him by club doctors, he passed away while being transported to a clinic. Real Santa Cruz’s director, Adolfo Soria Galvarro, confirmed the incident and expressed sorrow over the loss. The Bolivian Football Federation president, Fernando Costa, offered condolences and promised support to the club and Beltrán’s family, also announcing an investigation into the incident. Beltrán had joined Real Santa Cruz from Paraguay’s Rubio Ñu and previously played for Colombia’s Atletico Nacional. He had scored one goal in 21 appearances for Real Santa Cruz.

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