Colombian Hitmaker – Jessi Uribe in Toronto

BARRIO – Jessi Uribe’s Bohemios Tour makes a pit stop in Toronto tomorrow, Saturday July 9 at La Liga.

“I love my music because I always interpret my songs with a lot of feeling, and that is what I try to project to the public — hoping that they receive it with the same feeling that often makes us cry.”

Case in point is his single “Dímelo En La Cara,” which details a difficult breakup.

“Every song I write is always inspired by my own experiences or by the people around me,” said Uribe of “Dímelo En La Cara.” 

Yes, he weeps on the track.

Uribe performs ranchera music, which means a big Mariachi influence with plenty of trumpets, cowboy hats and sweetly withering sentiment. He first gained fame on “Latin American Idol” in 2008, representing Colombia in Argentina, and his 2017 single “Dulce Pecado” established him further. It’s been viewed more than 450 million times on YouTube.

“I am very excited!” said Uribe of playing in Toronto. “Every time I can play on new stages it makes me very happy because it is one more opportunity to leave my mark, that of Colombia and our popular music.”

“I am going to give it my all!  I always perform in each show as if it were the last,” Uribe said.

We want to thank ‘Noche de Salsa’ and ‘OYE Latinos’ from bringing Jessi and his show to Toronto. Que viva la Cultura! Que viva Colombia!

Only VIP tickets left for tomorrow’s show at La Liga. They can be purchased on this website.

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