Bad Bunny drinks Coronas at San Francisco dive after selling out Chase Center twice

Bad Bunny, after performing at the Chase Center, sought a low-key spot to unwind and play pool. He chose Bender’s Bar and Grill in San Francisco’s Mission District, bypassing high-end venues for a more laid-back atmosphere. Despite not being among the top results for pool bars in the area, Bad Bunny found Bender’s through his own research, securing a table for around three hours. The rapper and his group enjoyed pizza, Coronas, and tipped generously while trying to keep a low profile, although their presence attracted attention due to increased security and luxury vehicles parked outside.

Bender’s Bar and Grill is endorsed by local dive bar expert Broke-Ass Stuart, who praises its rich history and status as a San Francisco dive bar legend. Notable personalities like Anthony Bourdain and bands like Queens of the Stone Age have frequented the establishment in the past.

Bad Bunny’s visit to Bender’s adds to his list of San Francisco outings, which include dining at Kibatsu in the Lower Haight and enjoying meals at Sol Food in San Rafael during previous trips to the Bay Area.

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