Bad Bunny called ‘cruel and irresponsible’ for riding horse at his concerts

PETA criticized Bad Bunny for riding a live horse during his ‘Most Wanted’ tour, calling it “cruel and irresponsible.” The rapper’s act, which involved entering the stage on horseback to cheers from the audience, drew condemnation from the animal rights group. PETA shared a TikTok video of the stunt, expressing concern for the well-being of both the horse and the spectators.

They urged Bad Bunny to refrain from using live animals in his performances, stating that the horse appeared stressed and uncomfortable in the chaotic environment. Despite PETA’s criticism, Bad Bunny continued to feature the horse in subsequent shows, including one at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

While the musician has not responded to PETA’s statement, this isn’t the first time the organization has condemned such actions in the music industry. They previously criticized CeeLo Green for riding a horse into a party, emphasizing the unsuitability of such environments for animals.

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