bad bunny assists with a purchase of a new home for Uvalde school shooting survivor

BARRIO – Bad Bunny met with Uvalde school shooting survivor Mayah Zamora backstage at his concert last week, less than a month after it was announced that his foundation was part of the efforts to build Zamora’s family a new home. The family wanted to move after Zamora discovered she lived only a few blocks from the (now-deceased) Robb Elementary shooter.

The 10-year-old was in the hospital for more than 2 months and underwent more than 20 surgeries due to the injuries she sustained in the shooting, according to CNN. When Zamora’s medical treatment was finished, she reportedly didn’t want to return home, according to the Correa Family Foundation, an organization founded by Major League Baseball shortstop Carlos Correa.

The foundation worked to secure the funds to build and furnish a new home for Zamora’s family, teaming up with other organizations, including Bad Bunny’s Good Bunny Foundation.

At Bad Bunny’s concert on September 9 in Dallas, he gifted Zamora with some signed merch.

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