A taste of bolivia in toronto

TORONTO (Barrio) – Munay is a Bolivian restaurant located at 881 St Clair Ave W in Toronto. When you think about having Latin American food, Bolivian cuisine might not be the first thing that comes to mind. This is why it should!

Let’s talk about salteñas. This may be one of Bolivia’s national dishes. It looks like a hand pie. It is a yellow, crescent-shaped pastry with a braided top. It may look and sound like an empanada, but it’s definitely not.

Salteñas are filled with stew, and meat and/or vegetables. It’s not something you just bite into, and it’s also not easy to perfect. Tania, owner of Munay says;

“It takes a lot of work to make it properly, to hold the juice. If there is air, it will explode because the air wants to come out. That doesn’t come in the recipe. No one tells you this tip. Every person who makes Salteñas in Bolivia, they don’t want to share the tips. So it took practice. I made a lot of mistakes.”

Before opening Munay in 2021, she was a manager at a coffee shop in Toronto. Missing her national food, Tania saw an opportunity, and seized it.

Now you can buy frozen Solteñas and cook them at home.


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