µeta aims to launch aR glasses by 2024

Mark Zuckerberg believes that AR glasses will be a ‘holy grail’ device similar to the introduction of smartphones. Those in the know, say that Zuckerberg wants this be an iPhone moment. The plan is to deliver the first generation by 2024, with newer versions dropping in 2024 and 2026 respectively.

The ‘stand out’ feature with the AR glasses will be the ability to communicate and and interact with holograms of other people through the glasses. Meta hopes to be selling tens of millions of smart glasses towards the end of this decade

Meta’s division making metaverse hardware and software has approximately 18,000 people, costing the company $10 billion last year alone. To build the glasses and future VR hardware, Meta has poached from Microsoft, Apple, Google and others, driving up the price of talent across the industry.

The AR glasses will not be mainstream at first. The current battery life is only four hours, and the glasses will be intended to be used mainly indoors.

Sources indicate that Apple is racing to release AR glasses as well, creating a battle of the titans. Who will be first. Time will tell.

Written by Barrio Team

Source: The Verge

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