X-Men finally gets their first prominent Latino character, Sunspot

Sunspot, aka Roberto “Bobby” da Costa, stands out not just for being hot, rich, and single, but also as the first prominent Latino character in a core role on a televised X-Men team. Despite the franchise’s reputation for diversity, it took until the premiere of X-Men ’97 in 2024 for a Latinx character to be fully integrated into the main ensemble, a significant milestone after 30 years.

While Roberto da Costa and Amara Aquilla (Magma) appeared in X-Men Evolution, they were part of a subgroup, the New Mutants, with limited impact on the overall narrative.

X-Men ’97 marks a shift, offering Sunspot a meaningful storyline and character development previously unseen. Voiced by Gui Agustini, a mixed-race Brazilian like the character, Sunspot’s portrayal resonates with audiences, particularly those longing for authentic representation.

X-Men ’97’s resonance lies in its ability to reflect America’s diversity, with potential for further inclusion, such as the introduction of Dr. Cecilia Reyes, a Latina character, teased in episode eight. As the series progresses, it serves as a beacon for accurate representation in a country of varied races, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

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