Soccer star Lionel Messi explores video games in his own animated series

BARRIO (CBR) – As Lionel Messi completes his move to Inter Miami, he will also team up with Sony Music Entertainment and Atlantis Animation to produce his own animated series.

According to Variety, Atlantis Animation began work on producing a trailer for a new CG animated series that will star Messi exploring video game worlds. “Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved animated series and my kids are big fans of animated characters,” Messi said in a statement. “Being able to participate in an animation project makes me happy because it fulfills one of my dreams!” He added, “I would like to thank Sony Music for joining this project and we hope that everyone will love the result, especially boys and girls.”

While details about the series are sparse, it was revealed via a statement that it will be for all audiences and “will immerse viewers in the epic adventures of a young Messi overcoming titanic challenges as he navigates the vibrant world of video games.” Additionally, the series will feature a soundtrack of international artists and composers from Sony Music Entertainment. Those close to the trailer’s production described the unnamed show as a “modern and innovative series” that will convey Messi’s morals and passion for soccer.

Lionel Messi Lands His Own Animated Series

According to the announcement, the series is “committed to conveying the core values of sport and the lessons it embodies on screen, as it will follow the journey of one of the greatest athletes of all time.” Per a statement from Atlantis and Sony, “Messi’s passion for football will serve as the backdrop for a moving and captivating content, highlighting the moral values that characterize the world icon.”

Messi is considered to be one of the best soccer players in the world. In 2022, he cemented Argentina’s win in the World Cup against France. The series, which is currently untitled, was first announced by Sony and Atlantis in March. According to Deadline at the time, the show will be produced in several languages, including English and Spanish, with Sony Music’s Premium Content Division overseeing its development and distribution. There are no networks or streamers currently attached.

“It is a privilege for Sony Music to collaborate with Lionel Messi on this project to showcase the power and lessons of sports in partnership with the greatest football player of all time and one of the greatest athletes in history,” said Fernando Cabral, EVP, Business Development, Latin-Iberia Regional, Sony Music Entertainment in March. “We look forward to bringing this heartwarming and humbling series to screens for audiences of all ages around the world.”

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