Peso Pluma was the hottest ticket at the Future of Music, 4 day showcase

The second annual Future of Music SXSW showcase, hosted by Rolling Stone, showcased a diverse lineup of Latinx musical talent, drawing in crowds eager to witness performances ranging from urbano to Norteño-inflected folk rock. The event featured rising stars like Pink Pablo, J Noa, Kevin Kaarl, Young Miko, and headliner Peso Pluma, demonstrating the vibrant array of musical styles within the Latin music scene.

Pink Pablo, the Puerto Rican artist, kicked off the night with his alt-urbano sound, blending indie rock and reggaeton influences. His energetic performance and engaging stage presence set a dynamic tone for the evening. Following him, J Noa, a Dominican rapper known for her fearless and rapid-fire rhymes, captivated the audience with tracks addressing social and political issues in her home country.

The mood shifted with the arrival of Mexican crooner Kevin Kaarl, whose dreamy blend of folk, rock, and Norteño melodies mesmerized the crowd. His soulful serenades and skillful guitar playing showcased a different side of Latin music, earning him admiration from the audience.

Young Miko, the Puerto Rican urbano star, commanded the stage with her infectious energy and hit songs, turning the Moody Theater into a lively dance party. Her magnetic presence and crowd interaction solidified her status as a rising star in the Latin music scene.

Finally, Peso Pluma, also known as El Doble P, took the stage as the headliner, clad in a black ski mask and exuding the charisma of a seasoned rock star. With his band backing him, he delivered a high-octane performance, tearing through his hit songs with relentless energy. Described as “the Mexican Mick Jagger,” Peso captivated the audience with his raspy voice and dynamic stage presence, cementing his status as an international phenomenon.

Throughout the showcase, DJ Gabby Got It kept the energy high between sets, spinning a mix of Selena tracks, cumbia, and reggaeton hits. The diverse lineup and vibrant performances highlighted the richness and diversity of Latin music, leaving the audience with an unforgettable night of musical celebration.

In summary, Rolling Stone’s Future of Music SXSW showcase featured a stellar lineup of Latinx talent, showcasing a wide range of musical styles and captivating performances that left a lasting impression on attendees. From Pink Pablo’s alt-urbano vibes to Peso Pluma’s electrifying stage presence, the event showcased the talent and diversity within the Latin music scene, promising an exciting future for the genre.

The concert ended with a laser show showing colours of the Mexican flag, and Doble P singing ‘Lady Gaga’. “As long as I’m alive, we’re going to keep breaking records,” Peso said. “Que vivan los corridos, que viva Mexico, y que siempre, por siempre de los siempres viva la puta Doble P!”

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