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new series ‘de la calle’ will explore reggaeton, trap, bachata, and other latin sounds

TORONTO (Barrio) – Argentine-American journalist, television director, and producer Nicolas “Nick” Barili will host De La Calle, a cultural docu-series that explores Latino music. This is a new partnership between MTV Entertainment Studios and Zero Point Zero Production.

Nicolas Barili will host ‘De La Calle’

De La Calle will dive into the evolution of Urbano music and cultures that ignited the musical revolution of Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Bachata, Latin trap, Cumbia, and other sounds influencing music worldwide.

Barili will map out and shed light on a genre that used to be marginalized by society while having enlightening conversations with the biggest names in Latin music, such as Residente, Sech, Arcangel, Snow Tha Product, Nicky Jam, Dimelo Flow, Ivy Queen, Vico C, and more.

“Through music, I want to explore the heartbeat of Latin and Hispanic culture,” Barili told HOLA! USA. “What connects us? What makes us different? De La Calle takes us to the streets to document the creativity, beauty, dignity, vulnerability, and strength to persevere through the struggle,” he explains.

According to Nick, in addition, to talking about the rise of the movement, his goal is to show the humanity behind our superstars. “There is so much more to our communities than the negative stereotypes I see when I turn on my tv. What better way to tell our stories than through the power of music?!” he notes.

“I named the series De La Calle not only because the seeds of the music movements were born in the streets but also because I want to be intentional about humanizing the streets,” Barili explains to our publication. “The majority of the people I come across on the street are hard-working folks trying to get by. But the stereotype that has been perpetuated has the world thinking that only negative things happen in the streets.”

“I’m also proud that De La Calle will be bilingual so we can talk to artists and the community at each location in the language they are most comfortable with. We will subtitle everything so that both English and Spanish-speaking audiences feel included,” the host assures.

De La Calle is premiering in 2023 in Paramount+ and MTV.

Source: Hola

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