lomo Saltado: one of peru’s greatest hits

BARRIO – As common to a Peruvian menu as an order of french fries is to a burger joint, Lomo Saltado is one of Peru’s most globally recognized dishes, second only to ceviche.

With the literal translation of “jumping beef,” the dish uses elements unexpected in traditional Peruvian cooking. Sadly, the “jumping” portion of the title does not come from a necessity to jump up and down while cooking Lomo Saltado. Nor does it contain meat from a rare strand of bouncing cattle. Saltado instead refers to the stir-frying method used by Cantonese cooks responsible for its conception.

Peru’s merits range from “World’s Best Culinary Destination” to “World’s Best Cultural Destination,” making it attractive to foodie tourists and travellers of every kind. Its capital city of Lima has also been named the “Gastronomical Capital of Latin America.”  Rightfully so as home to some of the world’s highest ranked restaurants.

As the nation’s list of accolades continues to grow, so does the demand for its signature dishes. While Ceviche is representative of Peru’s biodiversity, Lomo Saltado is comparatively representative of the diversity of its people.

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