Karol G was so impressive in ‘Griselda’ they expanded her role

Karol G has made a successful entry into the acting world with her role in the Netflix series “Griselda,” directed by Andrés Baiz. Baiz expressed admiration for the singer’s performance, stating that her portrayal of Carla, Griselda’s confidante and a sex worker aiding in drug smuggling, was so impressive that they expanded her role. The director credited Sofía Vergara’s manager and executive producer Luis Balaguer for the idea to cast Karol G, highlighting the seamless collaboration between Vergara and Karol G on set.

Baiz praised Karol G’s authenticity, citing her Medellín background as a key factor that added depth to her character. He also mentioned Karol G’s humility and energy on set, emphasizing the enjoyable experience of working with both Vergara and Karol G. The series, which premiered on January 25, explores the life of Griselda Blanco in Seventies and Eighties Miami. Despite the positive reception, it faced legal challenges as Michael Sepulveda Blanco, Griselda’s son, sued Vergara and Netflix, alleging the unauthorized use of his private narratives without proper credit, potentially damaging his reputation in the entertainment industry.

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