JLo Fans Disappointed As She Launches Alcohol Brand Delola

BARRIO (Parade) – Jennifer Lopez has fans raising their eyebrows at her latest business venture. 

The “Ain’t Your Mama” songstress recently announced the launch of her new beverage brand, Delola—but fans can’t help point out that she is known for not drinking. 

“I have been grinding non-stop for decades, and more and more I’m realizing the importance of enjoying life,” the Shotgun Wedding actress, 53, said in a new Instagram video introducing the drink. “I just wanted to create something better—something better tasting, better ingredients, something I would want to drink with my friends and family, and that is Delola.”

And while the pop superstar seemed ecstatic about the announcement, her fans have been a little apprehensive about getting on board, considering the entertainer has long been vocal about her abstinence from alcohol—she has even credited her sobriety with keeping up the youthful skin and toned figure that she’s known for. 

Additionally, J.Lo’s husband, Ben Affleck, has had a lengthy journey with alcohol abuse, and after many stints in rehab over the years, is currently sober. 

As a result, Lopez’s fans haven’t been shy to express their distaste over Delola’s Instagram debut, calling the new business venture a “money-grab” and “off-brand” for the singer and dancer who is often outspoken about her wellness habits. 

“She doesn’t drink alcohol so just goes to show what she will do for money,” one person wrote in the comments, while someone else called the Marry Me star “opportunistic” for the unexpected career move. 

“Super disappointed and confused about you promoting something that you have openly shared you do not partake in because of the health effects of alcohol. Also, you are married to a man that struggles with alcohol addiction and yet….☹️,” another person pointed out. 

“Another celebrity glamorizing alcohol to make money. This one is even weirder, you literally don’t drink and have a husband in recovery. Okaaaaay. Gross,” one follower chimed in.

“Why not create a NA brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative affects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol,” one account implored. 

“Would have been a way better opportunity to promote a non alcoholic product and pave the way and also support your husband who doesn’t drink. This is such a money grab jlo” another user added. 

Lopez has yet to comment publicly on the backlash she’s been receiving. 

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