In 2023, a car was stolen every 40 minutes in Toronto

Dennis Wilson, a resident of Toronto, faces the daunting challenge of protecting his Honda CR-V from rampant car theft in the city. Despite installing multiple security measures including steering wheel locks, tire locks, alarm systems, tracking devices, and floodlights, Wilson believes these efforts only delay the inevitable. Car thefts have surged across Canada, particularly in Toronto, creating a sense of paranoia and resentment among vehicle owners. The government acknowledges the severity of the issue, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussing potential responses such as increasing penalties for thieves and investing in border security. The Insurance Bureau of Canada labels car thefts a “national crisis,” with insurers paying out billions in theft claims. Victims like Kamran Hussain and Myra White experience the trauma of losing their vehicles, with Hussain facing potential job changes due to the theft. To combat the problem, some homeowners invest in solutions like bollards to protect their driveways. However, thieves adapt, targeting more prosaic vehicles like Wilson’s Honda CR-V and Ford F-150 trucks. Despite efforts to safeguard their cars, some owners like Nick Elworthy still fall victim to theft. The prevalence of car thefts has left many Toronto residents feeling helpless, with some considering drastic measures like giving up car ownership altogether.

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