Google paid over $20 billion to Apple to allow it to be on it’s iPhone

Newly revealed court documents from the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google show that in 2022, Google paid over $20 billion to secure its position as the default search engine on Apple’s Safari browser, surpassing the reported $18 billion payment in 2021. This significant deal, kept confidential by both parties, has been a focal point in the DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit against Google, highlighting a long-standing agreement between the two tech giants dating back to 2005. The deal has been lucrative for Apple, contributing about 15% to its operating income in 2021. Despite being competitors in the smartphone market, Google and Apple aim to collaborate closely, with Google’s president of global partnerships emphasizing the desire for a deep partnership. However, tensions have arisen between the two companies, as revealed in court documents where Google’s CEO mentioned moments of competition over rival products.

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